Run by Veterans for Veterans

in the battlefield of life

Craig Robbins Founder

Craig has a wife Vicky and four children. He served in the Royal Green Jackets and is now Rifleman Veteran.

How Chosen VSG started

After being diagnosed with PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) in 2015 and going the preferred pathways of medicine and Therapy, Craig found that a lot of the help and support that was available at that time was inefficient and could often have long waiting periods on an ever increasing waiting list.

Craig decided to form a Motorcycle Club purely for Veterans which more often than not became ‘beer and banter’ nights. The seed was then sown for a support group that was proactive and would work with the veterans from point of contact through to completion. Sometimes there is no completion and individuals require lengthy aftercare provided by a Buddy Buddy system.

Four years on Chosen Veteran Support Group now prides itself on being the most proactive Veteran Support group in Birmingham and has now achieved Home Office Approval.
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Advice and Guidance

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Walking Group Therapy

Saturdays 10:00 hrs - Sutton Park

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Medals to Pedals

Tuesdays 18:00 hrs - Sutton Park

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Drop in Days

Drop in Coffee Morning, all welcome, help available or just chat and banter

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Overnight Shelter

Temporary on hold due to Government Directives

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Here are a list of 10 places that can help you, it is imperative that you please ensure your GP writes a referral for you 

PTSD Resolutions 
0300 302 0551

0300 123 3393

0333 987 5055

Trauma Stress Service 
0203 228 2969

0178 856 0800

Cruse Bereavement Care 
0844 477 9400

0145 588 3316

The Poppy Practice 
0151 329 3868

116 123 Free

0161 797 4484

Combat Stress has been left off this list as they have made it very clear that they will not be seeing any new referrals

Current Aims

To provide every assistance we can to vulnerable and homeless veterans on transition from the armed forces. Provision of current information tailored to individual situations, in housing, PTSD, physical/social areas, getting along side in their battle, providing the comradeship military personnel are used to.

We are working to:

  • The Block. Provision of a house to enable transition from homeless to being able to prove independent living capabilities
  • Welfare bus which allows for transportation of homeless and provision with homeless veterans in fear of leaving their pitch
  • Warehouse for storage
  • Bicycles to help with fitness

Coffee Mornings

We are aiming to duplicated the weekly Veterans Coffee Morning, currently being held in the Erdington area of Birmingham into other areas where there is a call for them. Where identified we will work alongside other Veteran groups who are helping with the welfare of veterans in that area.

Physical and Social Activities

As we grow we are looking to introduce these activities in other areas and which will be run by Veterans who understand and have 'walked the walk'

Remembrance Sunday Free Drink for Veterans

CVSG will be attending NMA for last post then on to the Horse and Jockey Sunday the 8th Pub open from 1200hrs.

Chosen VSG, in conjunction, with the Horse & Jockey, Walsall Wood, WS9 9AG are welcoming Veterans to a free drink after this years Remembrance Sunday 

We look forward to seeing you there.
Remembrance Sunday
Statement from  Craig 'Robbo' Robbins  - CVSG Director

Here at CVSG HQ we are committed to our own mission to provide help and support for our veteran community.

If you need us get in touch, we’ll provide shopping, transport and anything to improve the welfare and wellbeing of Veterans.

Phone 0794 443 2953

We will take precautions not spread ,infect or add to the misery we already face as ex servicemen/women.

No babysitting!!!

Call us if you require help, remember we hold a walk and talk group in the park every Saturday at 0930hrs.

 Walking Group Click for details

However the Thursday coffee morning is on hold due to venue closure.

Stay safe, stop eating toilet paper and wash your hands!

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