Current Aims

To provide every assistance we can to vulnerable and homeless veterans on transition from the armed forces. Provision of current information tailored to individual situations, in housing, PTSD, physical/social areas, getting along side in their battle, providing the comradeship military personnel are used to.

We are working to:

  • The Block. Provision of a house to enable transition from homeless to being able to prove independent living capabilities
  • Welfare bus which allows for transportation of homeless and provision with homeless veterans in fear of leaving their pitch
  • Warehouse for storage
  • Bicycles to help with fitness

Coffee Mornings

We are aiming to duplicated the weekly Veterans Coffee Morning, currently being held in the Erdington area of Birmingham into other areas where there is a call for them. Where identified we will work alongside other Veteran groups who are helping with the welfare of veterans in that area.

Physical and Social Activities

As we grow we are looking to introduce these activities in other areas and which will be run by Veterans who understand and have 'walked the walk'